In 2004, Delta Trading, L.P. purchased Paloma, a 57 acres  parcel located about 20 miles Southwest of Bakersfield California.  The site was originally developed in the 1940’s by  Western Gulf Oil. Since the initial Paloma purchase, all of the processing equipment has been removed and major improvements have been made to the property including a significant rail expansion, new tankage and truck racks, truck scales, crude oil blending and pumping systems, and ancillary facilities. In addition, an emulsions plant for manufacturing specialty asphalt products was relocated to the site.

In 2011, Delta Trading, L.P. also purchased tankage near Valley Acres, CA known as 27G, and improvement including an origin station on Chevron Pipe Line’s KLM system were installed.

In 2008, Crimson Renewable Energy built a world-class biodiesel manufacturing facility on the Paloma property.  Delta Trading, L.P. provides terminalling services for Crimson Renewable Energy.

Our History