Delta Trading, L.P. is serviced by Genesee & Wyoming’s San Joaquin Valley Railroad, a short line which connects to BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe) and UP (Union Pacific) lines. Rail switches currently occur three times per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Delta is on the Sunset line which has recently been upgraded to Class 2 track, and its rail location is known as “Paloma Gulf Station” or just “Gulf, CA”. Using this rail location, Delta Trading customers are able to use the BNSF and UP systems to obtain rail freight rates for shipping to the Delta Trading Paloma terminal facility.

Rail facilities within Delta Trading’s Paloma facility include 65 rail spots (46 with heat), on 6 spurs and 6,800 feet of track. Additionally, Delta Trading offers 2,500 feet of leased track at Garintee, CA (SJVR), and 7,100 feet of track at Saco, CA (UPRR). Rail spots are piped to storage tanks, truck loading racks, or single truck transload bays.